This time we’re taking a look at a pretty special figure. Attila (or Altera, if you prefer) hails from Fate/Grand Order. She’s a Saber class servant, and one of the mobile game’s most popular original characters. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while, due to a series of delays. Despite the wait, the end result is quite impressive, though not without a few issues that I’ll get into a bit later.

The figure comes in a large, classy box, and assembles pretty easily. Attila is a single piece and easily slots onto the base (which fits onto another base, for some reason). Her sword then comfortably fits into the palm of her raised hand. Be mindful that it’s easy for things to catch on her clothes – these parts are quite thin and might snap if you’re too forceful.


Attila is a very tall figure – from her base to the tip of her Sword of Mars, she measures about 45cm. While this gives her an impressive stature, she’s too tall to fit on a standard Detolf shelf. It also made her very difficult to photograph! Still, she undeniably stands out thanks to her slender, dark body and striking white hair, complimented by her flowing veil and elaborately decorated outfit.

The body sculpt is very appealing, with a toned stomach and slim, shapely legs. The sculpt continues to please elsewhere, with plenty of crisp details. Things like her hair and the skirting around her waist are thin and sharp, and it all looks very clean.

The excellent sculpt is backed up by an equally appealing paint job, with accurate finishes and subtle shading work. Attila’s design features a lot of intricate linework, such as the distinct white markings on her brown skin and the designs all over her clothes. These intricacies have all been carefully applied, and the results speak for themselves. This is a very good looking figure.


I do have a few small gripes with the figure, though. Attila arrived with what looked like splotches of glue on her face, which were very noticable. Luckily I was able to remove them with a magic eraser, and while they did leave marks, they’re very subtle. Still, I would expect better quality control from a premium company like Good Smile.

As well as that, I find Attila’s Sword of Mars to be disappointing. Her famous rainbow lollipop is quite dull and plasticky for a sword that’s meant to be made of light. I would have liked to see something closer to glass or crystal.

My other concern is that the straps on her stomach, as well as her panties, obviously look like they’re painted on. There’s a very slight groove to separate them from her skin, but they’re still quite clearly flat, especially compared to the straps on her top. It’s just a small but noticable inconsistency. You might also notice that there’s some paint smudging in that area, too.


Overall, Good Smile Company’s rendition of Attila is almost perfect. I’m extremely pleased with how she turned out – although there are one or two aspects that are a little disappointing. These issues don’t stop the figure from being an excellent and impressive centre-piece for any collection (providing you can find a shelf that she’ll fit on).

For Attila fans, this is almost certainly a figure to look out for. Although she’s a little on the pricy side at about ¥15,000, you probably won’t get one better than this – at least not for a while.

Final Score


A very impressive figure that stands tall and stands out. Although her Sword of Mars is a little underwhelming, Attila’s excellent body sculpt and appealing presentation is sure to catch anyone’s eye. Definitely a figure worth checking out!


By Scott Bennett

Artist, writer and photographer. I review anime figures over @WaifuWatchBlog. I like gacha games.

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3 years ago

Sweet figure!