Pre-orders are now open for two new figures from Q-six and well known illustrator Ban! Erika Izayoi is available in a dark haired “regular” version and a blonde “tanned” version. Aside from their colour schemes, the figures are otherwise identical.


Erika is 1/5 scale and stands 32cm tall. As with a lot of Ban’s designs, the figure features removable clothing parts, as well as a futanari accessory. You can see more photos of these features at Hobby Dengeki.

Both figures are available to pre-order now from various stores. The figures are sold separately at an ¥18,144 RRP, and are scheduled to release simultaneously in May, 2019.


AmiAmi is also offering an exclusive A5 acrylic plate featuring an illustration by Ban. Although this bonus is available with both the vanilla and chocolate variants, the illustration shows the regular version.


By Scott Bennett

Artist, writer and photographer. I review anime figures over @WaifuWatchBlog. I like gacha games.

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