Dragon Ball FighterZ -Android 21 (MegaHouse) – Prototype Photos and Release Schedule Revealed


Mega Hobby Expo (Autumn 2018) is underway, and with it comes the reveal of a figure I’ve been looking forward to! MegaHouse’s upcoming Android 21 from their Dragon Ball Gals series was on display at the show. Of course, that means photos! (Credit to @whitenoize, Dengeki Hobby and Digitamin for their photos.)

The figure is still a rough prototype, but I think she looks very promising! Her pose is based on her character select portrait from Dragon Ball FighterZ, though her expression has changed a little. It’s not the most dynamic pose, but it has personality. I’m eager to see how she’ll look when she’s painted – as of now, it’s unclear if this is the usual red-eyed version, or the blue-eyed good version.

The figure is currently scheduled for a release in late June, 2019, so expect to see more of her in the coming months!

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