New Dimension Game Neptunia VII – Next Purple Processor Unit Full Ver. (Vertex) – Pre-orders Available Now


Pre-orders are now available for the ‘Processor Unit Full’ version of the Next Form Purple Heart (a.k.a. Next Purple) figure by Vertex. Next Purple previously released in 2017 as a stand-alone figure, but is being re-released alongside a new version which includes her newly made ‘Processor Unit’ sword accessory.

Next Purple is 1/7 scale and is scheduled to release in August, 2018. As well as her new sword, the figure features a variety of removable accessories, including her armour and choices of hands, making Next Purple very customisable.

The figure is available to pre-order now at various stores. The Full version (including both the figure and the sword) has a ¥32,184 RRP (including tax). The standalone figure is also being re-released and has a ¥26,784 RRP, while those who already own the previous release can buy the sword separately at a ¥5,940 RRP.




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8 Responses

  1. Ellie says:

    where have your reviews gone? Like ur just telling me release info and they aren’t even your pictures so??

    • Geezus-kun says:

      Looks like one was done just last week, if you check the reviews section… ^^

      Though it is true the posts have slowed down lately… maybe the author is busy…

      • Scott Bennett says:

        Yes, I’ve been a bit busy – upgrading the PC and dealing with some personal commitments – I’ll be working on more original content soon. Sorry for the wait!

  2. Harold Rios says:

    Where can I preorder/buy just the processor unit since I already have the figure?

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