Perona – One Piece – Photoshoot

Photo of Perona - One Piece - Figuarts Zero, manufactured by Bandai
One Piece – Perona
Release Date:
One Piece
150 mm

Horohorohoro! For Halloween, we decided to bring you something a little bit spooky (but only a little bit spooky). It’s Perona! She is one of my favourite characters from One Piece (which has many, many characters), thanks to her unique look and abilities. Thriller Bark is not really my favourite One Piece arc, but Perona was a stand-out character, and her fight with Usopp is certainly my favourite part of the arc as a whole. 

As part of the Figuarts ZERO series, the figure is smaller and more affordable (as text all over the packaging insists), and would fit easily onto most shelves, making figures from this series easy to collect. The quality is pretty good – certainly better than you’d get from a prize figure – but there’s obviously room for improvement. Of course, as a budget figure, that’s to be expected. All in all, I’m pretty pleased with her.

The photoshoot itself: this set uses two white lamps (sometimes one) and a third blue lamp, with a plum card backdrop. I would have liked to make this a bit more Halloween themed by including some pumpkin lights, or something similar, but sadly they weren’t in the budget. Perhaps next time.

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