Pre-order Information

Pre-orders are available for a new Sakuramachi Touko figure by Q-Six. Touko is from Succubus Stayed Life, a hentai manga by Sasamori Tomoe.

The figure is 1/6 scale and roughly 30cm tall. She has a cast-offable swimsuit – while the official photos don’t show this, you can find photos of the naked figure over at Moeyo (NSFW).

You can pre-order Touko from various retailers, including AmiAmi and Solaris Japan, at a ¥15,800 RRP (tax excluded). She’s scheduled to release in January, 2019.


My Impressions

I hadn’t heard of Succubus Stayed Life until today, but it turns out it’s pretty easy to find online. From a quick look, it seems like this figure has done a pretty good job of capturing the art style and appeals of Sakuramachi Touko. Her curvy and slightly plump body is very attractive, and the tight bikini biting into her bust really adds to the flavour. I’m also a sucker for girls in glasses (I wonder if they’re removable, though?), so extra points there.

The body sculpt looks great, and they’ve done a great job using subtle shading in the paintwork to really emphasise the details on her body. That’s a good thing, since her body is her biggest selling point. I’m a little disappointed with her hair though, which looks a bit low detail compared to the rest of the figure. It just looks a little undercooked, as it were.

Overall, I think this is a really nice figure, but it’s not one that I’d be rushing out to pick up. While it could certainly find a place in my collection, it isn’t the most remarkable figure I’ve seen. The price is perhaps a bit high for what it offers as well, but I get the feeling that this figure will have a lot of fans regardless.


By Scott Bennett

Artist, writer and photographer. I review anime figures over @WaifuWatchBlog. I like gacha games.

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