The highly anticipated NPG (NO!-Playing Game) Say No! More is now available to pre-order ahead of it’s April 9th release. Say No! More is set to launch on Nintendo Switch, PC & Mac (via Steam) and iOS.

Say No! More stakes a bold claim to being the world’s first NO!-Playing Game. In a world where everyone sticks to the status quo and says “YES”, you’ll be armed with the positive power to say “NO!”. The game touches on the timeless issues of social etiquette, friendship and workplace standards.

Say No! More sports a retro-aesthetic reminiscent of games of the late 90s, with colourful, chunky graphics and jazzy tunes. You’ll use simple controls to shout “NO!” at your unsuspecting colleagues, bosses and CEOs. The game features a character creation option, and you can even say “NO!” in a variety of languages.

Pre-orders are available for Say No! More immediately on Nintendo Switch (£12.14/€13.49/$13.49) and iOS (£4.99/€5.49/$4.99), with discounts available for early adopters. You can also wishlist the game on Steam and take advantage of a launch week discount.


By Scott Bennett

Artist, writer and photographer. I review anime figures over @WaifuWatchBlog. I like gacha games.

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