What is Waifu Watch?

Waifu Watch is a multimedia site that aims to deliver reviews, photos, art and more. The site will cover just about anything under the anime umbrella – if I think it’s interesting or relevant, then we’ll take a look at it. For the most part, content will focus on figures and video games, along with occasional How-Tos and guides.

Be warned that content here may include some NSFW themes and explicit imagery – this content will be appropriately marked, but do keep it in mind if you decide to browse the site in public. We accept no responsibility for any disapproving looks you might get from your peers.

How to follow us

If you wish to keep up with our latest content, feel free to subscribe to our social media! We post updates whenever new content arrives, as well as sharing some fanart and figure news on our official Twitter.

You can find us here:

Who are you?

I’m Scott Bennett, and often go by the name DMY online. I’m an artist, photographer and writer from England. You can find my art on [deviantART] or at my Tumblr, [Approved By Bunnies].

While I don’t watch as much anime as I used to, there’s still plenty of waifus out there to catch and collect. I started collecting figures in my teens, but my collection has only really started to grow since a little before this site’s inception. You can check out my collection on MFC.

About Reviews at Waifu Watch

Waifu Watch reviews make use of a 5 star system.

  • 0 stars: Really awful
  • 3 stars : Pretty decent
  • 5 stars: Outstanding.

While the final scores are reflective of my overall opinion, you should still read the review to get a better idea of my reasoning. Check things out, form your own opinions, and let me know what you think in the comments.

In cases where a review copy has been provided by a publisher or distributor, I will always be sure to disclose such information, for the sake of transparency and trust.