Brave Group, SuperYellow and the RIOT MUSIC Virtual Music Agency have announced that Meteopolis will be coming to Los Angeles Comic Con 2022. The event will mark the US debut of Meteopolis, a sub-group of RIOT MUSIC consisting of Suzuna Nagihara and Miona Sumeragi.

Meteopolis will be performing on the Los Angeles Comic Con main stage and appearing at the Animoca Brands booth on all thee days of the event, starting 2nd December. Each set will feature three of their most beloved cover songs from their Youtube channel, totalling nine songs across three performances. Suzuna Nagihara will use her English prowess to MC in English live for the first time.

The performance schedule is as follows:

  • Day 1: Friday, 2nd December, 6:00 PM ~ 6:15 PM PDT
  • Day 2: Saturday, 3rd December, 10:30AM ~ 10:45 AM PDT
  • Day 3: Sunday 4th December, 10:30AM ~ 10:45 AM PDT

There are currently no plans to stream the event.

Suzuna Nagihara
Miona Sumeragi

About Meteopolis

Suzuna Nagihara is an artist, a member of RIOT MUSIC, and half of Meteopolis. She is a keenly
sensitive and poignant singer with a knack for hitting the high notes. Her singing commands
both power and delicacy, her passion-soaked voice moving people’s hearts. Her desire to
inspire and support listeners with her songs led her to becoming a professional singer. You can find her on Twitter and Youtube.

With a lustrous voice that booms while capturing a mature charm, Miona Sumeragi joined RIOT
MUSIC in late 2021. A co-member of Meteopolis, her nostalgic and graceful tones can carry any
tune. Already singing before signing with RIOT MUSIC, she entered the fold to further act on the
sentiment “I want to be where you return when you’re hurt.” You can find her on Twitter and Youtube.

For more info, be sure to check out the official sites linked above.


By Scott Bennett

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