Following MegaHouse’s excellent P.O.P Maximum Whitebeard figure, we’re taking a look at Boa Hancock! Hancock is one of the most popular women of One Piece, known for her beauty and charm. As such, there’s been quite a few figures of the pirate empress, often emphasising her sex appeal.

In a way, this figure is no different – Hancock’s relaxed pose as she reclines on her companion, Salome, exudes a seductive air. However, you could say that this representation of Hancock is maybe a bit more faithful to the spirit of the character than previous figures by MegaHouse. Her design is certainly closer to the original illustrations by series creator Eiichiro Oda.



Hancock is a 1/8 scale figure, measuring about 230mm in height. At a ¥20,000 RRP (tax excluded), she’s on the expensive side – in fact, she’s a little more expensive than the previously mentioned Whitebeard figure. Whether she lives up to her price is something we’ll talk about later.

Unpacking and assembling the figure is very simple, since she arrives pre-assembled in the box. Hancock is designed to sit atop Salome in a very particular way, so it’s easy to reseat her when necessary. Just be careful when you’re moving her around, as she isn’t attached to Salome in any way and could easily topple off. The figure doesn’t include a base stand, as Salome functions as a very stable support once set down.



In terms of presentation, Hancock and Salome are very impressive – Hancock reclines seductively upon her throne, while Salome shapes herself into the outline of a heart. Hancock’s body features buxom curves, a slender waist and long, lithe legs – her proportions are quite accurate to her source design.

Compared to other figures, the facial likeness of Hancock and Salome are especially excellent, as well. This may be the most accurate of MegaHouse’s renditions of the character, and certainly among the best Hancock figures I’ve seen.

By and large, the figure’s smaller details are well sculpted, too. Hancock’s clothing and accessories are overall well crafted, while Salome’s skull helmet and mane are crisply detailed.

Some features do leave a bit do be desired, though. Hancock’s hair is a bit plain, and features the unfortunately common seam across the top of her head. Her fingers are a bit disappointing, as well, and her belly button is very shallow. It’s a bit of a silly detail to pick on, but it does hurt the aesthetic somewhat (especially for tummy lovers!).

There are also some parts where Salome’s underbelly is visibly separating from her back. While these are luckily on the back of the figure, it still feels like it shouldn’t be happening – especially on a figure of this price. Hopefully this is an uncommon issue, but it’s something to look out for.



Hancock’s overall solid sculpt is complimented by a very appealing paint job. It features a variety of finishes and colour variation in its shading. This includes an eye-catching high gloss sheen for Salome’s skin, as well as an attractive satin-like finish for Boa’s dress. When lit properly, the figure really does look gorgeous, as light plays across each surface differently. It really makes the figure’s colourful palette stand out.

Some may not agree with Salome’s glossy finish, however. I agree that it can look a bit plasticky at times, but when the light hits it correctly it can be very appealing, especially when photographed. In fact, the photos for this review were taken using only natural light and a reflector, with some very minor exposure adjustments. This is more or less how the figure might look in a well lit room.

Otherwise, the paintwork has been very neatly applied. There are some small areas (particularly where two colours meet at an edge) where there are some errors, but these are very much nitpicks and can be safely ignored. MegaHouse did a great job here.



It’s safe to say that MegaHouse has done an excellent job with their P.O.P Maximum Boa Hancock. It’s a very strong contender for the definitive Boa Hancock figure, and could easily stand out in any collection. Certainly it’s a top pick for Hancock fans, or even One Piece fans in general.

However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly disappointed with her. The incredible job MegaHouse did with Whitebeard (who earned a perfect score in our review) raised my expectations of the P.O.P Maximum series, and in the end Hancock just didn’t quite meet them.

Naturally, the amount of detail they could put into a smooth and shapely body like Hancock’s pales compared to the rugged and vascular Whitebeard, but that doesn’t excuse things like the blatant seam across the top of her head.

Add to this that Hancock is actually a bit more expensive, and you can see why I might be a bit let down. Still, that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is perhaps the best Hancock figure available today. I would certainly recommend picking her up if you like what you see and don’t mind breaking the bank a little.

Final Score


MegaHouse has done an excellent job crafting a figure that could very well be called the definitive Boa Hancock figure. However, noticable flaws – such as a visible hair seam – mean that she falls just short of the exceptional standard set by her P.O.P Maximum predecessor, Whitebeard. Still, this is a great piece to own for One Piece collectors – especially fans of the pirate empress.


By Scott Bennett

Artist, writer and photographer. I review anime figures over @WaifuWatchBlog. I like gacha games.