Today’s review is, as ever, timely and relevant. Alpha x Omega’s rendition of Villetta Nu released back in 2009, a little after the original Code Geass anime aired in 2008. I have to confess, I haven’t watched the series. It took me about two episodes to realise it was not my cup of tea. However, I have a particular weakness for dark skinned, silver haired girls. Villetta is no exception to this rule.

Villetta is dressed to impress in an alluring white swimsuit, black choker, thigh-high stockings and red heels. Her sultry pose only adds to her sex appeal. It’s as if she knows she’s good looking and she’s showing it off. With her thumb hooked into her white bikini bottoms and wearing a half-smile, she has the air of a glamour model.

Assembling the figure is simple – Villeta easily fits onto a simple and elegant transparent stand. She comes with a pink jacket (not pictured), which can be swapped in and out by removing her head and arms, and then replacing her back and shoulders. The jacket looks cute enough, but I prefer her naked back – I just think it looks more classy.


Villeta’s body sculpt is of an exceptional quality. One of the reasons I like this figure so much is that her body shape is so appealing. From the slope of her stomach to her shapely legs and her frankly incredible backside, she’s gorgeous from head to toe. Her swimsuit suffers a slight step down in quality, however. Although the creased fabric is nicely done, the strings are quite chunky and even blobby in places. Her fingers are also a little stubby looking, which is unfortunate. It’s not hard to overlook these issues, though. Her face and hair are great, as well The distinctive CLAMP art-style is evident and her expression is subtle and provocative.

A solid paint job backs up the excellent sculpt. I’m not sure quite how to describe the finish on her skin, but it does an excellent job of catching just enough light to highlight her curvature without looking cheap and glossy. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Villetta is one of my favourite subjects to work with, and it’s due to that play of light across her dark skin. Her tights have an attractive sheen, too, and the gold details have the appropriate metallic finish. Her red high heels are glossy and eye-catching. Again, the weakest part is the white swimsuit, although by no means is the paint work bad there.

I should mention that there are some blemishes on the figure, which you might notice in a few of the photos. These might have been there all along, but I can’t say for certain. For that reason, I feel it would be unfair to blame the manufacturer. Their presence is unfortunate, but not enough to spoil the figure.


There isn’t too much else to say about this figure, really – she looks amazing. Despite being 9 years old, this figure still holds up quite well, especially since she was never very expensive. There’s something quite “MegaHouse” about the figure – both in her sculpt quality and her price range. The chunky bikini details really remind me of MegaHouse’s Portrait of Pirates ver.BB line, too.

It turns out that’s probably no accident, since Alpha x Omega is a collaborative project between manufacturers Alter and MegaHouse. The project is still chugging along even now, having recently released a Toujou Nozomi figure (from Love Live!). It would be nice to see them revisit Villetta, I think – and what better time, with the third season of Code Geass on the horizon? They did a great job with this version – I’d love to see what they’d do with modern tools and almost a decade of extra experience at their disposal.


If it wasn’t obvious by now, I really do like this figure. Like a glamour model, Villetta is attractive and erotic while remaining classy and tasteful. She’s fun to look at and fun to work with, which is really what matters most to me in a figure. She gets a full recommendation from me. Luckily, Villetta is still available to buy on the aftermarket at reasonable prices. I’d suggest checking her out if you like what you see here!

Final Score


Alpha x Omega’s Villetta Nu is undoubtedly one of my favourite figures in my collection to date. Even as it nears its 10th birthday, it still holds up. Villetta looks great, and although I have some qualms with her sculpt, I don’t think those issues takes away too much from the figure. Her gorgeous body is backed up by a paint job which accentuates her dark skin. To make it simple, I’ll say this: if you like Villetta, brown-skinned girls, or you’re simply an ass-man (boop boop), then this figure is one you should take a closer look at.


By Scott Bennett

Artist, writer and photographer. I review anime figures over @WaifuWatchBlog. I like gacha games.