Mai Shiranui – Capcom Vs. SNK 2 Millenium Fighting 2001
Release Date:
Mai Shiranui
Capcom Vs. SNK 2 – Millenium Fighting
Max Factory
300 mm
¥ 7400

Featuring everyone’s favourite busty ninja, this simple photoshoot uses a plum background and two (sometimes three) diffused white lamps. You might notice that one of the white bulbs has a slight green tint.

Anyway, Max Factory’s rendition of Mai is an interesting figure. It’s pretty classic, as far as its age goes – this might be the oldest figure we’ve featured so far. Mai’s got a lot of little drawbacks if you look for them, including a bevy of seams and paint flaws, but her size and alluring pose make her a pretty grand part of any collection.

For those wondering, Mai originally hails from SNK’s Fatal Fury/The King of Fighters games, but it seems this particular figure was made to tie in to the second Capcom Vs. SNK game. She’s one of SNK’s most iconic and popular characters, for obvious reasons. If you’re somehow not aware, well, let’s just say that she’s a very bouncy woman.


By Scott Bennett

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