ININ Games is bringing Cannon Dancer (known as Osman in the US) to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox for the first time in Early 2023.

Originally an arcade only release by Mitchell Corp., ININ is giving it a digital release with a brand-new translation and other additional features.

To bring this video game legend to modern consoles, ININ has teamed up with two key members of the original development team – the game designer Kouichi Yotsui (also known as “Isuke”, famous for his work on “Strider”) and the artist Takashi Kogure (better known as “Utata Kiyoshi”).

Cannon Dancer is an Action Platformer set in the dystopian late 21st century. The world is under the control of a single federal government. One day, a new threat known as “Abdullah the Slaver” appears, causing widespread terror and panic. Judicial Affairs Director, Jack Layzon, fears the worst and summons a lone assassin.

The player controls Kirin, a Cannon Dancer – a top-class mercenary from the “Teki” unit. As he travels, Kirin will face Abdullah the Slaver, government forces and fellow members of Teki who want him dead.

Strictly Limited Games is preparing limted boxed editions for fans who want a physical copy of Cannon Dancer. A regular Limited Edition and a Collector’s Edition with extra goodies will be available for Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

Pre-orders will begin on Sunday, September 18th at 12 AM CEST, only at Strictly Limited Games.


By Scott Bennett

Artist, writer and photographer. I review anime figures over @WaifuWatchBlog. I like gacha games.