Cham Cham is set to arrive in Samurai Shodown on 16 March to kick off Season Pass 3. In addition to the new DLC character, Season Pass 3 will be accompanied by a free balance update with a new Guard Crash mechanic.

Cham Cham comes from Green Hell, a lush forest in South America. Together with her monkey pal Paku Paku, she often leaves her village to explore. This time, she’s on a mission to find her big brother. Her moves are hard to read due to her reckless and bold nature, so be prepared to suffer the consequences if she’s had enough playing around.

Season Pass 3 will include four DLC characters in total. The next character to join the roster is Hibiki Takane, from SNK’s The Last Blade series.

SNK has announced that the final character in Season Pass 3 will be a guest figher from Arc System Work’s Guilty Gear franchise. Samurai Shodown has previously included crossover fighters from Ubisofts’ For Honor and Tencent’s Honor of Kings.

Be sure to check out more screenshots of Cham Cham below.


By Scott Bennett

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