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Week06Poll-Feature 0

Waifu of the Week 06 – Men on a Mission

These men are on a mission – and that mission is to become the first male Waifu of the Week! (Or should it be Husbandos…?)

Voting will close on Friday at 00:00 GMT. Make sure to vote – the winning waifu earns a special spot at the top of the site.

Week04Poll-Feature 2

Waifu of the Week 04 – It’s in The Name: C

Here we go again, with Waifu of the Week! For this round, we are going specifically for girls whose name starts with a C! Who will rule the top spot of the third letter in the alphabet? You be the decider!

Week02Poll-Feature 0

Waifu of the Week 02 – Blue Haired Beauties

It’s time to vote for your Waifu of the Week! The theme this time is Blue Haired Beauties. Which of these waifus wears blue best? We’ll let you decide!

Voting will close at end Friday 00:00 GMT. Make sure to vote, as the winning waifu will…