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Waifu of the Week 15 – Asian Sensations

This week we’re looking to the East, as we’ll be choosing from some of our favourite Asian women. It’s sure to be a fierce competition! Place your vote and decide the Waifu of the Week!

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Waifu of the Week 04 – It’s in The Name: C

Here we go again, with Waifu of the Week! For this round, we are going specifically for girls whose name starts with a C! Who will rule the top spot of the third letter in the alphabet? You be the decider!

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Waifu of the Week 03 – Evil Hearts

It’s time again to choose your Waifu of the Week! This time we’re out to find the best of the worst, the loveliest lady among the most evil women around! As always, the winner is yours to choose!