Welcome all to another figure review! This time, we’re checking out Hermaphroditos by Alphamax.

Based on the Greek deity of intersexuality, Hermaphroditos was the son of Hermes and Aphrodite. In hindsight, it’s sort of obvious from her name.

As you’ve probably guessed, Hermy’s name is the basis for the word ‘hermaphrodite’. Many of our readers are probably familiar with the term ‘futanari’, which is the Japanese word for the hermaphroditism.


Hermaphroditos is based on an illustration by Ban (seen above), who has a proclivity for drawing erotic art, often featuring futanari characters. Keen eyed fans may recognise the similarities between Hermaphroditos and Maria Bernard, a figure designed by Ban and manufactured by Daiki Kougyou.

As for her stats, Hermpahroditos is a 1/6 scale ABS & PVC figure standing roughly 255mm tall – or about 10 inches. There’s a joke in there, somewhere. Her RRP is ¥15,800, though aftermartket prices vary.

The figure is overall quite easy to assemble. She features cast off robes and a choice of two hair pieces, one of which better covers her nipples for a more respectable display. Sadly, the flower crown is not optional as it attaches to a slot in her fringe.

Her penis attaches via magnetism, allowing it to detach seamlessly if it’s not to your taste. An extra cloth piece covers the penis as well. A pair of vines are included for more decoration.


Hermaphroditos is exquisitely sculpted, with an especially gorgeous body. Her back is particularly impressive, considering that it’s usually covered by her hair -you’re only going to see if if you pop her head off. The bright side is that her hair is very impressive, too, flowing and twisting.

What few accessories the figure has are well made, too. The cloth pieces combine almost seamlessly, and the flower crown largely covers the seam in her hair. However, the definition on the vines and leaves could be sharper.

Of course, you can’t just ignore the penis, which is almost comically well made. It even has veins! Perhaps the only weird part is the ring where the shaft sprouts from the sack, but this was probably a production thing. The same can be said for the seam running along the under-belly. Honestly, you won’t notice these unless you really focus on her penis.


As you can no doubt tell, Hermaphroditos features an excellent paint job, as well. Her skin is smooth and matte, with her nipples featuring a subtle gloss to catch the light. The nails on her fingers and toes are all neatly painted with a similar glossy finish.

Her hair, of course, is the star of the show, with a gorgeous gradient of blue hues that finishes in translucent tips. It’s a very eye-catching colour. Her robes make use of faint translucency too, creating the impression of fabric. The golden apple is gorgeous as well, with an outstanding golden finish.

All of this is tied together with crsip facial decals and subtle shading that helps accentuate the grooves of her body.


It should be quite apparent by now that I’m very happy with Hermaphroditos. This is an undeniably gorgeous figure with very tasteful presentation. The art-nouveau styled stand adds an extra touch of class. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ban took inspiration from artists like Mucha for the original illustration.

However, at this point I should mention one issue I noticed, and that others have mentioned too. This figure has an apparent issue with lean. In my case, it’s subtle but noticable; it may be more extreme for others. Evidently this can be fixed by propping up her foot (the one that doesn’t connect to the stand) with something small to balance her out.

Setting that aside, Hermaphroditos is absolutely worth the money spent on her. It’s one of the most artsy figures I own, and would make an excellent addition to many collections. And for those who (understandably) wouldn’t want an erect penis on display, it’s easily removed.

In short – if you’re looking for something that’s both erotic and tasteful, Hermaphroditos might just have you covered. I recommend her completely!

Final Score


Hermaphroditos is an excellent addition to any collection – she’s wonderfully made and looks great on display. With her art-nouveau inspirations and tasteful presentation, she’s practically a work of art. However, potential buyers should watch out for a slight leaning issue that has affected some owners.


By Scott Bennett

Artist, writer and photographer. I review anime figures over @WaifuWatchBlog. I like gacha games.