Coming from Q-six, Nozomi Kusunoki is now available to pre-order! Nozomi features on the cover of issue #52 of Comic Hotmilk, illustrated by Goban. Comic Hotmilk is a monthly serialised magazine (published by Coremagazine) featuring ero-manga chapters from various artists.

Nozomi is a 1/6 scale figure and sits about 15cm tall. She features a cast offable bikini top and a face-plate that features a lewder expression.


Nozomi is also available with an alternate colour scheme (listed as “COMIC HOT MILK COVER GIRL Nozomi Kusunoki -pretty ver.-“) which features brown hair and a pink bikini set – aside from the colours, there are no other differences, so feel free to choose the one you like best!


Both versions are available to pre-order now from various retailers at a ¥13,820 RRP (tax included), and are scheduled to release in December, 2018. You can also order the figure with an exclusive acrylic art plate (seen above) through AmiAmi at a slightly higher ¥17,064 RRP. Be aware that there doesn’t seem to be a choice between colours for the art – what you see is what you get.

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By Scott Bennett

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