Monkey D. Dragon, Blackbeard and Doflamingo – A Quick Look at the Latest One Piece Resin Statues



We’re taking a look at something a little different today, with a quick glance at four resin statues by a selection of unlicensed sculptors. These pieces are high quality and quite pricey to boot, but their scale and ambition should speak for itself. These statues are all based on One Piece, featuring a few of the long-running and massively popular series’ most iconic characters to date.

Due to their limited production and unofficial nature, these figures aren’t readily available from more standard figure retailers like AmiAmi. You’ll instead need to check out sites like G.A.C, China-Hobby, Toy Okoku or Shingeki Shop – bearing in mind that many of these sites aren’t based in the US or Europe. Of course, if you’re willing to pay the several hundred dollars required to get your hands on one of these statues, you probably won’t be too fussed about the potential shipping and customs fees – or the space required to display these often massive pieces.

For the rest of us, well – there’s plenty to ogle at. So let’s get ogling!


First off, we’ll take a look at Doflamingo – Awakening Mode by Butt & Milos Studios. It features Doflamingo and great tendrils of his deadly string atop a ruined Dressrosa, with his crest emblazoned on the base. This statue is a whopping 72cm tall and around 50cm wide, and weighs 15kg when assembled. It’s expected to release in 2019, and costs around $600 USD (depending where you look).




Next up is Darkness Blackbeard, depicting the infamous Marshall D. Teach. This statue is by Apocalypse, and it depicts Blackbeard wielding his abilities during his climactic showdown with Ace on Banaro Island. This statue is 58cm tall, and weighs 18kg. It’s set to release in 2019, and costs around $400 USD.




Third up is Monkey D. Dragon by JZ Studio. This depicts Dragon, Luffy’s father, using what appear to be (non-canon) wind controlling abilities. It’s interesting to note that our first hints of Dragon’s abilities could have been seen as early as chapter 100 – way back at the end of the Loguetown arc! It’s the smallest of the statues so far at only 43cm tall, and the lightest too, at only 8.9kg. Still, it’s a very impressive piece, and it’ll run you around $350 USD when it ships in 2019.




Finally, it’s back to the Heavenly Yaksha himself – and his little puppet, too. The inelegantly-yet-aptly named Doflamingo’s Black Knight and Parasite on Bellamy – a collaboration between Master. D and BP Studio – depicts the beaten and helpless Bellamy under the control of Donquixote Doflamingo’s ‘Parasite’ strings. This one is 47cm tall and weighs about 12kg, and costs about $350 USD. Like the other statues we’ve looked at, it’s set to ship in 2019.




And that’s all for this time! Personally, my favourites are Doflamingo – Awakening Mode and Monkey D. Dragon – it’s about time we saw what the man can do, if you ask me! Of course, it’s all well above my budget, but it’s still awesome to see what’s being made – there’s some seriously impressive stuff, and it just goes to show how many talented sculptors are out there.

If you liked this quick look and you’d like to see more like it, then let me know in the comments below or over @WaifuWatchBlog on Twitter. Until next time!

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