New One Piece Girls Figures from MegaHouse – Rebecca, Vivi, Boa and More



MegaHouse were at the Spring Mega Hobby Expo 2018, and they brought with them a selection of the¬†One Piece series’ most popular ladies. Among some figures which were recently released, including Reiju and Nami, there were a few upcoming figures shown as well.


First up is the¬†P.O.P Limited Edition Rebecca Ver.BB.¬†She’s scheduled to release in November 2018 at an ¬•8650 RRP.



Next up is the¬†P.O.P Limited Edition Nami Ver.BB (3rd Anniversary). This appears to be celebratory recolour of the popular Nami Ver.BB figure. She’s scheduled for a September 2018 release¬†at an ¬•8300 RRP.


Third is the¬†P.O.P Limited Edition Nefeltari Vivi Ver.BB_02. This is Vivi’s second Ver.BB figure. She’s scheduled to release in November 2018¬†at an ¬•8650 RRP.


Finally, we have a prototype for the¬†Portrait of Pirates Maximum Boa Hancock. Sadly there aren’t many photos of this figure yet – we’ll be sure to update when more photos surface. Nevertheless, she appears to be scheduled for a January 2019 release.




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