One Piece – Portrait of Pirates Ver.BB – Vinsmoke Reiju (MegaHouse) – Pre-order Info and Official Photos


Pre-order Information

Poison Pink of the Germa 66 – Vinsmoke Reiju – is here in a charming raid suit inspired swimsuit! This is the latest in MegaHouse’s ever popular Portrait of Pirates Ver. BB (“Bathing Beauties”) series of One Piece figures. Reiju is an ABS and PVC non-scale figure, and she stands (or sits) about 115mm tall.

Pre-orders for Reiju will start from 15:00 (JST) on Friday, April 5th, at a ¥9,504 RRP (tax included). She’s scheduled to release in September, 2019.

As with many other P.O.P Ver. BB figures, Reiju is a limited edition figure, so you can only pre-order her from the following stores:

That said, as with most P.O.P figures, Reiju will no doubt become available on English sites like Nippon Yassan and Solaris Japan shortly after April 5th. Be sure to check them out if you’re interested in picking one up!

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