Portrait of Pirates Ver.BB – One Piece – Rebecca & Nefeltari Vivi – Official Photos and Pre-order Info


Megahouse has released new photos for two of their stunning new Bathing Beauties! Rebecca is a Ver.BB debutant, while this is the second Nefeltari Vivi Ver. BB figure. Rebecca is about 13cm tall, while Vivi is around 14cm tall.

Both figures will be available to pre-order on July 6th from the following stores:

  • Premium Bandai
  • Megatrea Shop
  • Jump Character Store
  • Toei Animation Online Shop
  • Mugiwara Store

They’re scheduled to release together in November 2018, and share a ¥10,098 RRP (including tax).
For those of you who plan to order both figures, you can save yourself some money by ordering a special bundle-pack, which contains both figures at a discounted ¥18,684 RRP (including tax). The bundle also includes free shipping for extra savings (although this most likely won’t apply outside of Japan).




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