The Seven Heavenly Virtues – Sariel (Orchid Seed) – Pre-order Info and Official Photos


Pre-order Information

Orchid Seed have opened pre-orders for a new Sariel figure, from The Seven Heavenly Virtues. She’s a 1/8 scale ABS and PVC figure, standing about 275mm (or 325mm, including the pedestal).

Much like other recent Seven Heavenly Virtue figures, Sariel is cast-offable, and is available to order in two different varieties. The special edition will include an additional light up LED pedestal (powered by Micro USB), alongisde the regular edition’s pedestal.


Orders for Sariel are open now, although the figure seems to be exclusive to Japanese stores. You can order both versions from various Japanese stores, including AmiAmi Japan. You can also order Sariel directly from the Orchid Seed Online Shop, which will net you an exclusive B2 tapestry seen above (this offer may be exclusive to the special edition).

Those looking for a Western store to order Sariel from may have trouble finding her, but Nippon Yasan has stocked other figures in this series in the past, so it’s a good place to keep an eye on.

Sariel is scheduled to release in October, 2019 at a ¥19,800 (regular) or ¥20,900 (special edition) price point. Both prices include tax.

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